Good News For The Latin Palate!

Roos Food´s is a family owned business founded in Delaware, U.S.A, dedicated to the production of a wide variety of dairy products of latin origin, these are prepared using grade "A" milk, and high quality natural and fresh ingredients, with the strictest pasteurization processes and fulfilling the sanitary aspects demanded by the F.D.A.

Roos Food´s dairy products are elaborated the old fashioned way, handmade, as it was made in traditional country homes and farms of El Salvador, other Central American countries and Mexico.

The purpose of Roos Food´s is to put it´s dairy products to the reach of latin families who live in the United States, bringing the taste of their country to their homes , a product made with the best standards of quality and maintaining the authentic flavors to satisfy their needs.

These products are distributed in latin stores and supermakets of the East coast of the United States, expanding quickly to California and Texas, thanks to the quality and authenticity of it´s products, it´s focus on costumer service and competitive prices.